Thursday, October 7, 2010

No D Day Post


George over at Ninjabetic had a great idea - a No D Day! Where we all blog, Facebook and Tweet about our other lives, where no D is mentioned or even hinted about.

Well, here it is the No D Day Day and I have nothing.  Really.  Is my life so full of the letter that shall not be mentioned that I cannot come up with 1 post minus that letter?  Maybe.  Maybe I need to get a life!!

I don't really feel like writing about myself --BORING!  I think you all know Nate, Sophie and Emma.  I've posted about my little darlings plenty.   So, I'm going with a hodge podge - (are those even words) of different things to give you a glimpse into my life.

1st off - - - 

Home.  Home is after all where the heart is --- right?

Anyway - - - here it is:

Our house faces east - - - I took these this AM.  Notice all blinds are shut! Vampires could not survive for a moment in our house in the AM!!

 Live - Action shot this morning.  Sophie and Nate eating breakfast at the table and Emma standing at the counter.  Messy - Messy - Messy!! 

 We're up soooooo early - it's still dark outside. I'm not at all a morning person.  This is about 6:45 this AM.  Emma has to be at school by 7:45 so we usually leave at 7:30.  Behind Sophie is the wine cooler - - - it's full of yummylicious grape goodness! Come one over - - - let's relax and unwind.  No D - remember!!  RELAX!

Here is our dining room.  I just decorated for fall/Halloween yesterday!!  I love to decorate my house for every holiday. Here are some of the things I posted on FB yesterday:

 Next up - Christmas!!  My all time favorite!!  I can't wait!!

This is where the little man sleeps. Look closely and you will see there are plenty signs of -- oops not going there!

Yep - here it is.  The playroom.  Holy Guacamole - how did this place get so messy this early in the AM? Oh that's right - we were too tired to clean up last night.  

Sophie's Messy Room

The formal living area is actually right in the middle of the house - - it very big and very open so we use it a lot. It's formal but livable - the kids use it a lot to build train tracks, put on shows and play tag.  On the chair are the Super Nate shirts I have yet to mail out.  Kim Green, Amanda Thompson and a few others.  Should get on that!!  See that box on the sofa??  Oh yea baby - Am I allowed to say this D Word??  DexCom sensors arrived!!  Woot-Woot 3-month supply!!  Happy Dance!!

So about mid way through taking pictures I decided the house is really way too messy to be showing you around!!  Emma's room was a disaster - I walked in and walked right back out!  My office is embarrassing and my bedroom seems a little too private!!  :)

Tour is over!! 

Moving on . . .

So on to something to make you laugh:

This is what your Rx looks like when your last name is HOuston!!  :)


Here are some non-D pictures of Nate - - - each one has provided me with a chuckle and an additional gray hair:






Cdejulius said...

Made me smile . . .i think you dmoms should do this more often . . .its a good thing to let each other see your lives aside from being dmoms! and I love seeing my babies anytime . . .even on a blog!

Stephanie said...

Love the post! And LOOOOVE your wine fridge. I'd just camp out right there. :)

Your house looks so warm and inviting and beautifully decorated.

I enjoyed your photos. HO WAITING is funny! :)

The pics of Nate reminded me of my boys. When they were younger, they were climbers, and they LOVED to be naked! Max still does. So cute!

OMG this was amazing!! THanks for sharing so much!!

Meri said...

Nakie boys must be a national thing. They just go through that! Gotta love them!

You house is beautiful! Almost as beautiful as you!

Denise said...

Nate is so darn cute! and his Omnipod is almost bigger than he is. Adorable! My 2 year old also as an obsession with being naked...they are so cute at that age though!

Messy house??? Um, there is a reason I am not positng mine...yours is immaculate in comparison! Beautiful too!

Ho waiting...LOL!

Unknown said...

YO HO...can I come over for a little viNO!!! LOL...OMG I am cracking myself up over here.

LOVE the house, it is absolutely stuning. I see Nate has a little exhibitionist gene floating around in him...and dear Lord the climbing. He is so cute and his pod is about as big as his bum cheek...(((HUGS))) to you and the HO Crew.

Penny said...

Hey HO - what a laugh sister! And the naked boy pics crack me up. Love the house photos too and you decorate a lot for Halloween. I'm lucky I get 3 kids dressed to go out, just sayin'. Thanks for sharing hon!

George said...

LOL SO cute! I miss my little ones being so little.

Thanks for the great No D-Day post.

Dahling! We like nekkid over here, too! :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful home, Laura! I love the pictures of Nate! He's just adorable!

Unknown said...

Nekkid ROCKS!

Love the pics....your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL....HO!

Ha ha ha...had to go there ;)

Pam said...

Hi HO! My dishwasher flashes "HO" over and over at me. (Technically I think it's waiting for HOt water, but it just might be insulting me...)

What a beautiful home! I think I'm imune to mess - all I saw was warmth and comfort and love in your house.

Nakey-boys are takin' over the world! I've some great pics of my own (my fav involves shucking corn).

Thanks so much for sharing your world.

Hey Ho, love the house omg I'm dying over here, totally my dream house. Love Halloween too! My fav holiday. Btw my boys were naked till they were like 3/4 lol

Joanne said...

Elise and Nate are two peas in a pod... two NAKED peas in a pod. Elise loves to run around the house yelling, "naked baby, naked baby!"

Hope to see you Sunday!

Sarah said...

Ha Ha..Ho waiting...oh, that would make me laugh far too often. Yeah, sometimes the immature things like that just make my day. And I'm beginning to think that Naked time is a for sure boy thing, my boys would live naked if I allowed it!
Have a fab weekend!

Heather said...

You have a gorgeous home! I can only dream....
I love the prescription bottle, that is just too funny!! And Nate is just too cute. :)

connie said...

Your home is beautiful!!! Love all the pictures and really loved the pumpkins...too cute :)

Anonymous said...

OH I DON'T THINK THE 'HO' IS GOING TO GO AWAY SOON! LOLOLO You have a wonderful home thanks for sharing with all of us! Naked as a jay bird! Love the little guy!

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