Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apidra Please

We changed Nate's insulin to Apidra from Novolog and I am LOVING it!

When we were doing our trial on DexCom we discovered that Nate's bg would drop too low during his meals because I was bolusing him too early.  The reason that I would bolus early was to try and avoid such a large spike in Nate's bg after a meal. 

In comes the Apidra!  Wow!  We have been using Apidra for about 2 weeks and we love it.  It works fast, Nate has been having great numbers and we no longer have to bolus 15-20 minutes before a meal.  We bolus Nate right before he eats and we still have great numbers.

At our endo office --- 90% of patients on the OmniPod use Apidra.  That is a pretty big percentage.  I had asked to switch from Humalog to Apidra when we started pumping but was turned down. I forced the issue and insisted that we at least be able to switch to Novolog because I had read a study that indicated the higher levels of zinc in the Humalog caused occlusions in the OmniPod (I can't remember if it was just OmniPod or all pumps). Anyway - - - I am so glad we are finally pumping with Apidra.  It really seems to be working well for Nate and really isn't that what it's all about?? 


Wendy said...

I've heard really great things about Apidra :) So happy it's going well for you guys!!!!! If you don't mind my asking, what do you guys have the DIA set at? Also, how does that compare to what his DIA was set at before....thanks!!!! Is there a difference in your insurance co-pay? Did it affect any of the other pump settings?

Sorry to be so inquisitive, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about this insulin.


Heather said...

I would love to know more too. I have been dosing my daughter 15 to 20 minutes before she eats and it doesn't seem to be helping with the spikes. She is still spiking up over 240 and I wonder if switching insulin would help? I had never thought of doing that before. I will have to research this one a little bit. What made you decide to ask the doctor to switch? Thanks for posting this, gives me a lot to think about.

I have been interested in learning more too! I would love to not worry too much about pre-bolusing.

Need more details, please. :)

Penny said...

More details Laura! I have to research this. I am happy with the Novolog in Grace's pod and we tend not to get the spikes, but when we get a high - WOW - does it stick around for a while! Wondering if Apidra would be better. I plan on asking our endo and Gary Scheiner too what he thinks about it all. If you have any more info, please post it. Thanks!

Lora said...

Well if I didn't have like 10 bottles of humulog I would ask more questions... but I just spent an boatload of $$ on those bottles so we will be using them :)

I am so glad things are going well for you guys... I will be keeping an eye on how your loving it in case we ever get through our stockpile :)

I've read good things about Apidra, but it's not yet available in Canada. We had severe lipoatrophy on Novorapid, so now we're on Humalog.

Very intersting... Glad it's working for you. We have big spikes after eating. We're just now trying to bolus before eating. That's a challenge. :)

Meri said...

I would love to know more info about this insulin Laura. I'm chanting "follow up blog!" over here. How does it differ from Novalog? Is it the same dosage, but it just works faster? I'm dying to know!

Cindy said...

Love hearing about successes! Yay for the new insulin working!

connie said...

I am so happy that you were able to get the insulin you wanted and it is working for you!!! Can't wait to hear more about this Laura :)

Unknown said...

OK...COOLNESS!!! I haven't heard anything on Apidra. We use Humalog and have been bolusing prior to meals for years (Joe is a REALLY GREAT eater). The only huge spike post meal I notice is at breakfast (I noticed this thanks to Dexter) and I have been flirting with the "super-bolus", but have gotten burned with lows a couple of times.

I too want a "follow-up" blog on this product...thank you so much for sharing.

phonelady said...

I have heard lots about this insulin and Im currently on humalog too so yes I also would like to hear about it if you decide to do a follow up blog . Hope you guys are not flooded due to alex . take care .

Tracy1918 said...

Good news!

I haven't heard about Apidra, but I'm so glad it's working out! My son wants an omnipod so bad. Well, the smaller one set to come out next year. Anyway....maybe I'll be learning more about apidra.

Glad that its working so well for you guys!!
We bolus just mid meal or after, cause theres just no telling what he will eat, wont eat or ask for in between. Afraid if we bolus before meal he will not finish and crash. Id love to do it this way, but hes so funny with his food.

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