Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everything you never wanted to know . . .

I wrote this entire blog and then deleted it. Grrrr!
Here we go again.

My friend, Shamae posted some random things about herself on her blog so that we could get to know her better. In turn we have been asked to do the same about ourselves. So, here goes ---

* My name is Laura Leigh. Laura after my great-great grandmother and Leigh after Vivien Leigh as in Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind.

* I graduated high school in 3 years but dropped out of college. All of the freedom went to my head.

* I have a tattoo. I got it during the above mentioned college years. My girls are fascinated with it. I am hoping that it is one of the lessons where they do as I say not as I do.

* My best friend is gay. I am 100% ok with that. I love her, my husband loves her, my kids love her and my parents love her. We have been friends since the 8th grade and will be friends until the end of time.

* I am finding this post extremely hard to do.

* I have a very quick temper but seem to be mellowing with age.

* I have been in a fist fight and I think I won! So, don't mess with me.

* I live in a town where material things matter. Everyone is always trying to one up you. I try not to buy into it because my parents raised me right. Jim and I have what we have because we have worked our butts off to get it. Nothing was given to us and we will raise our children the same way.

* My 1st job was at Whataburger. Hello, Welcome to Whataburger. May I take your order, please?

* My parents divorced with I was 2 months old. My dad is/was an alcoholic & never around when I was a child but has been sober for 20 years. We now have a very nice relationship and he is a pretty good grandfather! I believe that blaming problems you now have on your parent’s inadequacies is a cop out. Get over it. Move on. Get counseling if necessary and then live your own life to the fullest.

* I am shy. My friends always laugh when I say that but then when they think back to when we 1st met they thought I was snobby. NOT SNOBBY just shy! Once I get to know you then watch out!

* I always greet my children with a smile. I want them to know that they are loved and they make me happier than I can say!

* I love to read and my 2nd favorite electronic gadget is my Kindle! #1 is my iPhone but I think everyone knows that already. I love, love, love to read. I never imagined that I would be reading 'Think Like a Pancreas' and 'Pumping Insulin' but I am so I may as well just enjoy it!!

* I don't eat a lot of sweets but I do love cookies and can eat about 100 of my mom's Italian Wedding Cookies in one sitting. I ate 37 on Monday. That is the God Honest Truth!

* I like nice things and nice clothes but am smart enough to know that my things do not define me. I am firm in my belief that my children are not the clothes that they wear but are the children that we are raising them to be; no matter what kind of designer jeans they do or do not wear.

* I am turning into my mother.

* Before I was a SAHM I was a corporate travel agent and group coordinator for 10 years. I then got my real estate license and started working in commercial real estate.

* I love flip-flops!

* I hate it when celebrities show off how quickly they lost their pregnancy weight. It always takes me at least a year and I am pretty sure I will never be the same size I was before I had Emma.

* Every part of my body is still what the good Lord gave me. I have had no plastic surgery although I am not opposed to it. I'm pretty sure He would be ok with me putting things back where they are supposed to be!! :-)~~~~

* Although I consider myself shy I can also be quite vocal. If you disrespect me, my family, my children or my friends then I will let you know all about it.

* I sang with Neil Diamond when I was 5 and have loved him since that day.

* I am insecure about a lot of things but I do not blame that on anyone or anything. It is just part of who I am.

* I like to cook and I love to bake but somehow with 3 little ones I find less and less time to get it done.

* My favorite new saying is "Good Hell!"

* I am a very happy person although you probably cannot tell by my blog. The last 5-months have been challenging but it has not changed the person that I am. I am happy, I love life, I love my husband, my children and my family and friends. Love, Love Love!!

I think I had more before I deleted my post but this will have to do - - -

If you made it this far down in this post, all I ask in return is that you do your own completely random list about yourself on your blog and leave me a comment so I can get to know you too.


Tracy said...

Great list Laura! Love it all and I am so happy to get to know you better!

Meri said...

Hello awsomeness! Finally a little info about the woman behind Super Nate!

Love ya!

Wendy said...

I want a Kindle!!!!!! Your family is beautiful and it's so much fun getting to know you better :) PS -- I love Neil too!!!!!!!

phonelady said...

alright miss awesome now who is showing off ? LOL !! alright you know I love you and Im so kidding right ? I totally am and know I could never be the mom of three kids and not be in the mental ward LOL !!

LaLa said...

Ahhh - not showing off!! We live in a town where things matter but we tend to do our own thing. And for the record my kids are the ones that will not be wearing the designer jeans! :-)

AjsMommy82 said...

I feel like I know you better already! :)

Nicole said...

Love your list :)and you and your family! Oh and I know about those towns, we use to live in one!!

Anonymous said...

This is mellow???

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