Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The 'What If' Game

Posted from Facebook 1/20/17

After almost 8 years with Type One Diabetes we have learned to roll with most anything it throws our way. Some days are easier than others and some days are much harder. 
Last night while Nate slept his blood sugar dropped unexpectedly. Those little red dots are sever hypoglycemia that he slept through and we almost missed. By the time his Continuous Glucose Monitor alarmed, his blood sugar was 47. I fear it had actually gone much lower but by the time we got to him his body had already started fighting the hypo, thankfully. 
His liver dumped glucose (its much more complicated - won't go into it all here) which saved his life. We gave him 10g of carbohydrates which would normally raise his blood sugar by about 100 but his blood sugar soared over 500 and stayed there most of the night. 
It was a long night filled with what-ifs, what could have beens, and FUD. I share this not looking
for sympathy or praises but instead to educate. 
Diabetes is not a joke, it's not a punchline, and it's not to be taken lightly. 
I don't exaggerate when I write this --- 
We could have lost him last night. While he slept. In the next room. 
I can't even think about it without tears stinging my eyes and rolling down my cheeks --- it makes my body physically ache to go over what could have happened. And I went over it in my head all night long. 
There's nothing funny about that. 
And I'm not alone. There were moms and dads around the world carefully watching over their children last night. Forcing them to eat in their sleep to keep them alive, carefully calculating insulin doses to lower dangerously high blood sugars, and some just watching the rise and fall of their children's chest because sometimes the fear is so overwhelming. 
There were adults doing it all too. These babies grow up and diabetes doesn't go away! Wives checking husbands, husbands battling with hypoglycemic wives ... ❤️
It's a tough disease and the people that live with it are amongst the strongest people I know! They are warriors. 
--- Thankfully smooching Nate's face off this morning while he rolls his eyes, grins his silly grin, and allows me to love on him all while he has no idea what happened last night.  



Reba said...

We had a night so very similar to this just a couple months ago. I am so thankful for the CGM because it alarmed at 9:00pm, 5 hours before I would have checked him again. He was also 47. It was so scary! I'm really hoping our babies see a cure in their lifetime.

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