Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#OmniPod 6 Years and Counting

March 1st 2010 - A day of hope and the date that #SuperNate started pumping with the OmniPod Insulin Pump.  Six year y'all!  I say this every year but where did another year go?

3/1/2010 - 20 Months

We are still loving the OmniPod and are so excited about the future plans of the company! You can read about Insulet's artificial pancreas system that will use the innovative and differentiated OmniPod platform, the latest DexCom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology and the algorithm licensed from Mode AGC.  For all of the exciting information click here

Did you read that?  So exciting - right?  ArtificialPancreas anything excites me big time!

Just last night during Nate's pod change (which he is still not a fan of) he said he wished we only had to change a pod once a year.  That would be nice.  Although we do love the OmniPod,  pod change nights can often still be traumatic, sad, and overwhelming for both of us.  It doesn't really hurt, I think it is just the anxiety and build up of the entire situation even though we try to keep it light and easy.

He stresses big time.  Which is hard for this momma to see.  I used to be able to change his pod while he was sleeping but he usually wakes up now and an is extremely agitated and angry.  So, although he wants me to do it while he is sleeping I rarely do because his reaction is usually much worse than when he is actually awake.

I have found that keeping him really involved in the pod change does help.  He likes to have the control so I happily follow his lead on how much he wants to participate each time.

Last night he wanted independence so after we prepared the pod together he went to his room and did the rest.  It was a no muss and no fuss kind of night.  Well, until he went to sleep, his blood sugar sky rocketed, I was up all night chasing highs, got a little too aggressive, then spent the wee hours of the morning changing lows.  Just another day with diabetes - Right?

#NODATA --- Just like my brain today!

Super Nate then ...

Super Nate now:


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