Sunday, February 19, 2012

1 in 885

It has been 885 days since Nate was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  That's almost 2.5 years.  In that time I have only spent ONE night away from him.

Yep - - - I finally did it.

Or I should really say ---- We finally did it.

My Mom and Dad (GaGa and Poppa) kept Nate overnight for the 1st time since his diagnosis on Friday night. I really wasn't that nervous.  My mom has been hesitant but I knew she could do it.  She's been helping me with him long enough that I knew she would rock it.

Nate hasn't been wearing his DexCom but he agreed to wear it this weekend so that he could spend the night with GaGa and Poppa (a privilege only his sisters had experienced until this weekend). We did a pod change before we headed over so that was out of the way.  Then we were good to go!  I've never seen Nate so excited!!

Ok - - - I was pretty excited too.  I somehow in 2.5 years had forgotten that it is normal to be away from your children.  It is normal to spend a night away.  It is normal to really, really want a break.  It is normal to really, really need a break.

I'm not going to lie --- it was pretty damn nice!  I've been doing this on my own for a long time now. I needed the break.  Hell, I'm already looking forward to the next break.  Hello - Mom are you listening??  :)

Speaking of my mom --- She totally rocked it.  I stuck around for a while but could tell I wasn't really needed as they were sitting down for dinner.  I normally bolus and temp basal by quite a bit after a pod change but I was too nervous to do that and leave him so he ended up going HIGH after dinner.  My mom  rocked the correction before bedtime and by 10:30 he was back in range and sleeping like a little angel.  <--- Really the only time he's an angel.

The next morning as I was rolling over and then falling back asleep after pushing the snooze button my mom was pre-bolusing for pancakes and again totally rocking the SWAG for SIX pancakes with whipped cream!

When I picked the littles up around 10:30 on Saturday morning he was in range and ready for his morning snack.  Nicely done, GaGa!  Nicely done!

** Disclaimer **

I did have a few nights away from Nate and the girls in January of 2010 but it doesn't really count because I was having my uterus removed and Nate stayed with his father. That is all.  :)


WooHoo for a break...a seriously well deserved one!!
Massive kudos to the awesome grandparents.

Meri said...

Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Standing ovation!! Clapping wildly!!!!

YAY!!! I'm so glad that you got a break! Way to go Gaga! That is awesome!!!

I have yet to cross that bridge. Almost 3 years- not one night. Ever. But I do have my awesome hubby who does the night checks every other night. So, while we've never had the break, we do get to sleep. And that's big! And to be honest, none of us are ready for the separation yet. :)

So, so happy for you!! And so, so proud of your parents for not letting fear keep Nate from spending the night!!

Unknown said...


I'm happy to hear you were able to get a good night's rest...snoozing away :)

The uterus doesn't count. Um. You DID see the pics of the house upon your return, right? Yeah. Not a vacay. Period.

Penny said...

Yay for awesome grandparents! and Yay for you for taking them up on the offer!

Angela said...


I am SOOOOO proud of you!!!

"Freedom is independence of the compulsory will of another, and in so far as it tends to exist with the freedom of all according to a universal law, it is the one sole original inborn right belonging to every man in virtue of his humanity." --Immanuel Kant

Kelly said...

HOORAY!! Hoping for many, many more nights off for you! Maybe once a month? :)

Anna said...

Six pancakes! That boy can eat. Glad you had a night out. Feb 26 is dx day, and we still haven't. :(

Stephanie said...

YAY for Gaga! We have an awesome Nana over here that has had Adam overnight once or twice too. :)

And dude, having your uterus removed TOTALLY DOES NOT COUNT! Unless you got some good drugs out of the deal...but...nah, totally doesn't count!

I am so proud of you!! Have I told you that you are my Diabetes IDOL yet?? REally though way to go... Brian and I have each been away but not at the same time so I dont count that really either. YOU ROCK!! YOU ARE AWESOME way to go!!

Tracy1918 said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you and Nate...but mostly your mom. What a blessing to have her!! Is she for rent? ; )

Sarah said...

nice disclaimer Laura, I don't think that counts either! Glad you got a relaxing night away, just to sleep and be. Enjoy reveling on that moment :) And yes, your mom does rock!

Unknown said...

Can you please send GaGa my way!? She is a ROCK STAR! Love you girl and so glad that you got a night to yourself. xo

Great news - those first steps are the hardest - now the rest of the adventure begins!

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