Monday, October 3, 2011

D-Family Meet-Up

Working backwards through the last month . . .

Friday I was lucky enough to meet the Evans family.  We started discussing the meet-up about a month ago or so and you all saw my calendar yesterday so you know the big day crept up on me!  Let me just say O! M! G!  I love this sweet family.  Leigh and I have been DOC friends for a while ---- we've bonded over our sweet boys.  Not only do our sugary sweet boys have type 1 but they look A LOT ALIKE!  Earlier this year Leigh sent me a box of clothes that Aiden had outgrown and Nate has put them all to good use.  I know that when I post pics of Nate in Aiden's clothes it's like looking back in time for Leigh. The boys seriously look alike.

Friday afternoon I loaded up the littles and headed to the Galleria to meet Leigh and her gang IRL.  We started out at the American Girl store where all of the kiddos were in total awe.  My girls made Christmas lists at least a mile long each. Then to be fair to the boys we headed to the Galleria play area where are 5 kiddos had a blast running around and playing.  It's always so comforting being with another D family.  Play - check bg - play - treat low - play - check bg ----- same same.

After treating a few lows we decided to grab some dinner.  I'm not exactly sure what the hostess and waiter thought since there were 5 kids, 2 moms and 1 dad. Hmmm . . . they sat us in a booth so poor Leigh and Matt got the pleasure of sitting beside Super Nate.  Yep, he plopped himself down right between them.  He must have felt 'at home' with this fabulous set of D Parents.  Bless Matt he was so patient with my Super Naughty Nate. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with some antsy littles so we then headed outside to let them run it off a bit.

Leigh was so sweet not only did she bring us some delicious personalized iced cookies, she also brought Nate one of Aiden's walk shirts (SO EXCITED) and the girls each a shirt from Mary Claire's walk team (SO CUTE)!  Thank you, Leigh and Holly!

I am so, so, so happy that I got to meet The Evans family.  Thank you, Leigh and Matt for everything!!!

Hopefully, Leigh will post some pictures --- I believe she got some good ones!

This is for you, Leigh and Matt:

Woooooooo. Pig. Sooie!

Woooooooo. Pig. Sooie!

Woooooooo. Pig. Sooie!


Keeping calm and HOG CALLING on . . .


LOVE meet ups!
Alaska's a great place to visit...just sayin'

Wow, your kids do look alike! Even the girls! Gotta love D family meet ups!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! What a great time Laura! I could use me a D Meet Up. Whaddaya say? Wanna come to Vermont?

Stephanie said...

Yay! What a fun meet up! So cool you guys got to hang out. :)

Leigh said...

Love, Love, Love!!!!! I had the BEST time ever and I will have to make sure that Matt sees your hog call!! You rock!! I was just going to try to post about our meet up on the blog! I FINALLY got some pics on facebook! That only took me forever to get done! But seriously, I am so thankful that we got to meet up. There are lots of DOC bloggers that I would LOVE to meet and so many that I completely look up to, but I have to say that the "same-same" is so "same-same" with you, it just felt like I had known you all forever. Right down to our silly Emma's and our blonde headed super heroes. You are the first blog that I read with a little boy with T1 and the first one that I read that acknowledged how hard it is on your marriage and the first one that I read that God handed something else to one of your non-D kids. I just really want to thank you again for meeting us and for being so transparent on your blog. I really do appreciate it and you!! Love ya!! Can't wait until next year!!

Michelle said...

Love hearing about D meetups! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!!! Incredible how much alike the boys look!!!

Sarah said...

what a great time together - I love d mama meet ups, because you start off already knowing the deep stuff, then it just gets better and better ;)

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