Monday, December 14, 2009

A Gift!

Exhausted.  That should be my middle name.  Laura Exhausted Houston.  It has a nice ring to it – eh?  I cannot remember a time in my life that I have been more exhausted and overwhelmed.  At this point no one in my life has learned to care for Nate except for me.  My husband can wing it but he would not be comfortable planning a meal, counting the carbs and figuring out Nate’s insulin requirements.  I am it!  I am the one and the only person that keeps my son alive every single day. So, again I say – EXHAUSTED!  Several people have offered to learn to care for Nate but it just has not happened yet.  I know it will soon and I look forward to a time that I will feel comfortable leaving him with someone for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time. 

Last week Jim was out of town again and my bestie, Helen did something totally amazing!  She gifted me a sitter.  She made the arrangements, the payment and sent a wonderful sitter to my house.  It was so amazing!  Helen is one that has offered to shadow me for a day and learn all that she can about Nate’s care but as I mentioned before we just have not had a chance to get it done.  Knowing me the way that she does she could tell that I needed a little bit of time to escape so she just gifted me a sitter.  We were able to eat lunch, chat, and hang out for a couple of hours without any children but more importantly without me having to do anything with Nate and his diabetes.  It was pure Heaven. 

Helen and I have been friends since our oldest girls were 4-months old.  We hit it off instantly and so did our girls.  She is my go-to mom for anything and everything I need for my kids.  She is always there for me and for them.  I know in my heart that she loves my children as if they are her own and I know that she has cried many tears for me and for my sweet baby Nate.  She was the 1st person I called when Nate was dx with T1 (I couldn’t remember my husband’s #) and she was at my house waiting for me before I even got home from the doctor with Nate.  She had my girls packed up and ready to go to her house so that Jim and I could completely focus on Nate and learning how to care for him.  She is a good friend, a true friend and my best mommy friend.  She is a gift.

Thank you, Helen for my gift and for being a gift in my life.


And a cute little picture of Nate . . . 
Endo appt today went well.  A1c = 8.7
More on the appointment in my next post.  


What would we do without our friends? Thanks, Helen, foe being such a wonderful friend to Laura!
Laura- I feel your pain. It IS exhausting. I wish I was close enough to watch Nate and the girls for you! I'd do it in a heartbeat! If you get really desperate, hop on a plane! You can stay with us!
Everyone says the first year is really tough. Here's hoping it gets better! Love and hugs!

Joanne said...

I'm so glad that Helen was able to do that for you. I would love to help out with Nate when you need me to, just say the word.

Glad to hear the appointment went well, can't wait to hear details.

Are we hanging out sometime soon? Please???

Amy said...

What would we do without our friends!!! I'm so glad that you have Helen!!! This is tough work!!! And it will get better. As we are further into it, we find ourselves relaxing more and occasionally, I quit thinking about it for a bit!! :) Nate is such a little guy, too!
Sounds like you had a good appointment...isn't that his first A1C after diagnosis?? I would say that's pretty good!!! Good job mom!! Your hard work is paying off!!

Meri said...

I'm glad you have such a wonderful friend! This is so hard to do alone. Those small hours away DO make a difference...take them when you can.

Lora said...

She sounds WONDERFUL!!
I think we are all exhausted... I am hopeing that I will sleep after christmas.. (notice it is 3:46... AM... and I am reading blogs. Yikes!

phonelady said...

wow are friends like that not precious ? yes they are . Im glad you have someone like that . Love the picture of Nate too cute .

:) Tracie said...

What a blessing she is! Good for you!

I've pretty much been it around here for 7 years myself. Sure, I've gotten help every now and then, but not really. Jessi's 9 now and can do most of it herself, but not site changes. We'll be working on that soon I'm sure. The older she is now, the easier it is because she can participate in her own care. I've come to accept that it's been my role and whomever takes over has big shoes to fill! (maybe that's why no one steps up...haha)
Hard as it is to believe, it does get easier. I wouldn't have believed it 7 years ago, but it really does. Not so much with the exhaustion, sorry!

alix said...

What a wonderful gift. You are so loved.

I have had a few hours away from Tyler, but it is always on my mind and I do not totally relax. Good for you to trust in God and enjoy yourself.

BTW, my middle name is exhausted too :)

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