Sunday, July 9, 2017

Camp Sweeney - July 9, 2017

Sorry for the overload of #SuperNate updates --- it's crazy how much I miss that annoying, stinky, loud, farty, little boy!! His cabin didn't post an pics Friday night so my small glimpse of Nate at the flag lowering yesterday was all I got! Then I woke up this morning and there were no pics of Nate on the cabin update. He's normally not a fan of dressing up or doing anything that draws attention to himself. We packed his Flash t-shirt and his Star Labs shirt for the Halloween dance but I've seen him in both this week. I was fretting that he was too shy to dress up or was unhappy about the Halloween 👻 dance. 
But Facebook saved the day!! I spotted him here!! And he's still smiling from ear to ear. I need to stop fretting so much. Apparently, Camp Sweeney is magical! 
And I'm betting he's still wearing the shark suit. ❤️🦈😂


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