Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School

School starts next week for my littles.  I've been counting down the days ---- truth!  Does that make me a bad mom ---- maybe?!  Or just a really tired one!  As excited as I am about back to school I'm just as scared and nervous.  I was doing fine until I started filling out all of the medical forms --- yes, the same ones that I filled out last year.  The diabetes ones are exhausting ----

Medication Request Forms
Diabetes Management Plan
Insulin Pump Physician Orders
Authorization for Administration of Diabetes Management and Care Services by Unlicensed Diabetes Care Assistant ---- what the what??
Section 504

The list seems to go on and on . . .

I find the 504 pretty easy --- cut and dry.  You will allow this and will not do this.  The management plan is the one that is so hard.  I find it incredibly difficult to plan out how to treat diabetes! When does diabetes ever stick to the given plan?

Here is what I have come up with for Super Nate:

Diabetes Management (Care Plan) for Nate
Our basic plan for care.

Diabetes Cheat Sheet
I have these laminated and hanging on the wall of any area Nate will be in during school

Section 504
Nate attends a public pre-school within our school district so he qualifies for a Section 504

Lanyard Tags
These are hanging on Nate's diabetes bag that goes with him everywhere
Huge thanks to Heidi at D-Tales for these.  HUGE HIT!!

Section 504 Information
I created this document to hand out at our last OmniPod meet and greet

I could not have done any of this without these great bloggers ---- Mommy bloggers are the best!  Thank you, Ladies for blazing the trail and making it so much easier for the rest of us.  

For Super Sweet Sophie and living with Crohn's Disease here is what I've come up with to keep her safe, healthy and happy while at school:

Sophie attends a public elementary school so she qualifies for a Section 504

We give this to all of Sophie's teachers and in the substitute teacher file

I'm still working on updating the documents for 2012-13 so if you think of anything that I'm missing --- give me a shout!  

Keep Calm and 504 on . . . .


Thanks for the love! 504 on... Yes indeed! We can do this!

NikDuck said...

Great work! It is SO much to think about isn't it?! I finally had to just come up with an initial plan and know that everyone is going to have to be flexible and expect changes especially since the pod is so new for us. I just don't know what to expect! I am currently sitting here a nervous wreck waiting to go oversee the lunch bg check, but assuming all went well at snack time!

Unknown said...

Much love to you!!!!!!!! I could hardly wait until the 1st day of school...I love them. LOVE THEM!!!

But we needed a break from each other. Seriously.

Hi five for getting the J-O-B done!

Well done, my friend. Such a great list of resources. You've inspired me to add Sweetie and Dibbs's photos to my diaper bag and her backpack.

Sara said...

I learned about 504 plans when I was in college (psych major) but I was dx my senior year of college so I have never seen one for diabetes (or Crohn's). Those are impressive and I am reminded of all the accommodations I take for granted.

Rida said...

School having best and unforgettable memories in my heart and mind. We should enjoy that life with dear friends. I remmeber those friends who always write my paper for me free and help me.

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