Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally Feeling HIGH

When Nate was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes all I remember is that his bg was over 500 ---- I'm not sure they ever game me an exact number.  In the ped's office they just used a regular glucometer so it probably just said HIGH.  The hospital stay is all a blur now so I don't remember the official dx bg.

The 1st year after Nate's diagnosis we saw a lot of high numbers and the word HIGH on the meter frequently.  I've read so many times how terrible high blood glucose makes people feel.  Stomach aches, vomiting, and sluggish. I've even heard it compared to the worst hangover ever!  UGH! --- yea for me that would be a red wine hangover. :)  For Nate he has never acted any different. He'd be rocking a high bg and still happy as a clam.

Lately though, things have changed.  He now feels his highs (still no hypos).  He feels bad.  He cries and moans.  He tells me his tummy hurts and he is so sluggish.  It. Is. Heartbreaking.  Last night he went high after a pod change while sleeping and I woke up to him crying and moaning in his sleep.  Poor little guy!

I don't know if it is because he is older and becoming more aware of how he is feeling or if because we have tighter control the higher numbers are just feeling bad.  Whatever the reason ---- being HIGH sucks!

Keep Calm and RAGE BOLUS!!
Also Ducking Fiabetes!


Kelly said...

Poor little sweetie :( Feeling high really is ICK! I can say it DOES feel like a red wine hang over! Been there before!

Poor Nate. I agree, it is a sucky feeling. Totally. Sucky. Hang in there. You are a great Mama Pancreas!

Sarah said...

Rage Bolus AWAY...that moaning, groaning and crying "I'm hungry" when you know their BG is high makes every mama rage bolus indeed! Hope all your doc appts with your sweet daughter went okay this week, too ((HUGS))

sky0138 said...

finding the exact same thing here with my daughter! Emma was dxd at 4 yrs old and never felt highs, no mood changes, nothing....and now lately she is feeling them. I was wondering if it's because we have been pumping now for almost a year and have better numbers in general...if that's why she feels the highs now? weird!

Anna said...

We haven't seen a lot of "HIGHs" lately either. The rage basal helps with that! Roxy doesn't seem to display any different behavior when her BG is high (or low). Sometimes she'll say her tummy hurts, but not always when BG is high. I worry that it's celiac. Pod change highs suck.

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